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achilles x patroclus

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Patroclus: *exists*
Achilles: thank you
daedalus: icarus, whatever you do, dont fly too close to the sun
icarus: im gonna fuck the sun


okay yEs but: 

  • modern au demiboy patroclus who is a gentle soul that loves gardening. fuck yeah gardening. he plants gladioli and poppies and sprawling succulents in terrariums that dangle precariously from his bathroom window. 
  • modern au achilles hating this kid that his father takes in, so weak and worthless and annoying. this kid trips up over his combat boot laces and leaves sheet music all over the floor and talks to his plants and it really shouldn’t be that cute.
  • modern au patroclus watching achilles get ready for prom from the armchair by the door, trying to ignore him over the tops of the echevaria he’s pruning into a symmetrical rosette. he can barely breathe because the shirt is clinging to achilles’ arms and the suit is just too tight and then suddenly he’s extending his arm and asks patroclus — “well?” 
    "well what?" 
    "we’re going to prom, aren’t we?"
  • then they meet briseis the concert pianist at the lgbtqa meetings at the town hall, because patroclus is bisexual demiromantic and achilles is homosexual homoromantic, and briseis falls in love with them instantly. they end up in a great big queerplatonic relationship that consists of daises, combat boots, and piano sonatas. 
I’m not a drama queen, I’m a drama representative democratically chosen by the people


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with


high school au achilles totally falls asleep on patroclus when they’re up too late studying


when the sexual tension/build up in a fic is just right and your toes are curling and you’re basically speed reading and skimming because you just wanna get to the smut but also you wanna slow down and savor each brush of fingers and gaze and swooping feeling in the stomach or the biting of lips and clenching of hands and shuffling of feet and